Déardaoin, Nollaig 22, 2011

Minihan Condemns Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force Cuts
Louise Minihan
éirígí councillor Louise Minihan
éirígí spokesperson Councillor Louise Minihan has described cuts of 2.4 per cent to the Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force [BLDTF] as a disastrous decision.
Cllr Minihan, who is a member of the BLDTF, said the ‘slash and burn’ cuts are yet another savage attack against local community.
Speaking from Ballyfermot, Cllr Louise Minihan said, “The Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task force provides a vital local service, tackling issues related to the scourge of drugs, and provides much needed funding to a number of important community projects in the Ballyfermot area. That the Fine Gael/ Labour Coalition would cut the funding to such an essential service demonstrates how they have absolutely no concern for the welfare of the people of Ballyfermot or the Irish working class.
“At a time when Ballyfermot has one of the highest rates of drug users in this state, and when drugs abuse is on the rise, cuts to funding for community drugs services has a real potential to cost lives.
“This decision could have disastrous consequences, and must be reversed.”
Minihan concluded, “éirígí in Ballyfermot are in the middle of a campaign against cutbacks, organising resistance to austerity at a local level. In the coming weeks and months we will bring the anger in our community to the doors of Fine Gael and Labour, who have acted against the interests of the people they claim to represent. The people of Ballyfermot will not take attacks on our community lying down.”

Dé Máirt, Nollaig 13, 2011

éirígí Ard-Fheis November 2011 – Full Report
Saturday, November 26, saw upwards of 150 people participate in Ard-Fheis éirígí, November 2011. The daylong event, which took place in the Teachers Club on Dublin’s Parnell Square, saw activists from across the country come together to rededicate themselves to the struggle for a free Ireland.
An Ard-Fheis opened with an organisational report for 2011 delivered by Runaí Ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnatith. Reports then followed from Daithí Mac An Mháistir, Ciaran Heaphey and Pádraig Ó Meiscill, the respective heads of éirígí’s Membership, Finance and Publicity Departments. A question and answer session then completed the organisational section of An Ard-Fheis.
Next on the clár was a discussion on the issue of abortion, which saw many members give their views on this potentially divisive issue. The hour-long discussion was particularly useful as it gave party activists the opportunity to hear the views of comrades from all parts of the country. The issue will now be discussed further within the party’s local Ciorcal (branches) before the membership will decide éirígí’s position on abortion.
The head of éirígí’s Irish language department, Ursula Ní Shionnain, then presented a comprehensive draft Irish language policy paper to An Ard-Fheis, before taking questions and comment from the floor. A number of activists took the opportunity to stress the importance of the Irish language in the wider struggle for a free and independent Ireland. As is the case with all important policy and strategy issues the draft language paper will be further discussed within local Ciorcal before a vote will be taken on the adoption of same.
The second item but one before lunch saw An Ard-Fheis discuss, and vote on, motions covering a wide spectrum of issues including International Solidarity, the British occupation of the Six Counties, the current economic crisis and the cutbacks to vital public services on both sides of Britain’s border in Ireland. The full text of all motions carried by An Ard-Fheis can be accessed here.
The final business of this morning session saw the seven national party positions filled as follows, Brian Leeson (Cathaoirleach), Rab Jackson (Leas-Chathaoirleach), Breandán Mac Cionnaith (Rúnaí Ginearálta), Ciaran Heaphey and Micheál Mac Neighill (Cisteoirí x 2), Pádraig Ó Meiscill (An tOifigeach Caidrimh Phoiblí) and Daithí Mac An Mháistir (An tOifigeach Ballraíochta).
After a short lunch break An Ard-Fheis resumed with the first of three external speakers, Hugh Corcoran of Na Croisbhealaí workers’ cooperative café in Belfast. Hugh spoke of the process of establishing a co-op, of the role played by co-ops in wider political struggles internationally, and of the importance of supporting such grassroots’ worker-led initiatives.
Daithí Mac An Mháistir then took to the stage to give a short presentation on the establishment of éirígí’s new supporters organisation, Clann éirígí. Daithí explained that Clann éirígí had been established to provide a relatively easy access point to the struggle for people in Ireland and overseas. He went on to detail how membership of Clann éirígí will targeted at four main categories of people, namely, those living outside of Ireland; students in universities and colleges across Ireland; those living in Ireland in areas as where there is no established éirígí organisation and finally those who wish to formally align themselves with éirígí but who are not in a position to commit to full party membership. More about Clann éirígí will follow on this website in the coming weeks.
The second external speaker addressing the packed hall was Phil Ferguson from New Zealand. In his contribution Phil explained his own background as a political activist who came to Ireland in the 1980s to play an active role in the Irish republican struggle. He talked about this, the developments and setbacks in republicanism over the past 30 years and how pleased he was to see a new socialist republican party emerge to carry on the struggle.
The second éirígí presentation of the afternoon saw John McCusker give the rationale behind the recent launching of a fundraising drive for an éirígí national headquarters building. He explained that the party intends to purchase a premise which will become the physical centre for a resurgent militant Irish republicanism, a base within which a wide range of administrative, campaigning, publicity and educational activities can take place. Further details of éirígí’s National Headquarters Fund will follow on this website over the coming weeks.
The third and final external speaker, Irish language activist Tomás Ó Conghaile, then spoke to An Ard-Fheis. He spoke about the work of the Irish language movement, and the importance of the language in the context of the struggle for the reconquest of Ireland.
The final speaker of the day, Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson, was then introduced to An Ard-Fheis by éirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan. In his address, Brian looked back on the local elections in the Six Counties and the state visit of Elizabeth Windsor, both of which took place in May of this year. He congratulated and thanked those who voted for éirígí and those who took to the streets of Dublin to oppose the British royal visit.
Brian then went on to talk about the current state of republicanism and the socio-economic crisis that is gripping all parts of Ireland. He asked those present to consider the possibilities that the current situation might hold for the building of a revolutionary socialist republican movement and the role that they might play in realising that potential.
When Brian’s speech completed a rendition of Amhrán na bhFiann brought a memorable and successful Ard-Fheis to a close.

Dé hAoine, Nollaig 09, 2011

éirígí challenge McGinley over Support for Savage Budget Cutbacks


éirígí Tír Chonaill spokesperson, Micheál Cholm MacGiolla Easbuig, has challenged the Fine Gael TD for Donegal South West, Dinny McGinley, to publicly explain his reasons for supporting the savage cutbacks imposed by Fine Gael and Labour in Budget 2012. 

Fine Gaels Micheal Noonan presenting
Budget 2012
Mac Giolla Easbuig has demanded that McGinley, the Minister of State for Gaeltacht Affairs, hold a public meeting to explain his actions to the people of Gweedore, Gortahork, Falcarragh, the Rossesand the wider constituency. 

Mac Giolla Easbuig said ‘At a time when this community is suffering from mass unemployment, mass emigration and ever increasing poverty levels, Dinny McGinley must explain why he supports a budget that will add further injury to communities and cripple the most vulnerable in our society.' 

‘It is totally unacceptable for an elected representative of the people to support a budget which acts against the interests of those same people.  I am calling for McGinley to hold a public meeting, where he can put his case before our community in a public forum and be held accountable.  I would further call for him not to hide behind radio interviews, as has been the case in the past.’ 

Mac Giolla Easbuig concluded:  ‘Now is the time for the people of this area to make their anger heard and to demand that McGinley explain why he has voted to pay faceless bondholders and private banks in place of defending the interests of the communities he has been elected to represent.'

Dé Luain, Nollaig 05, 2011

 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
In one of many actions taking place across the world, éirígí activists took to the streets of Dublin on Tuesday 29th November to mark International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Freedom for Palestine
As internationalists we are committed to do all we can to bring attention to and help keep focus on the reality both of the ongoing occupation of the historical lands of Palestine and the day and daily oppression of the Palestinian people.
Posters bearing the slogan ‘Freedom for Palestine’ and the image of Comrade Leila Khaled of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) were erected at various locations across the city, with particular attention being paid to the areas immediately adjacent to both the Israeli and US embassies.
Freedom for Palestine
On this day of international solidarity éirígí once again takes the opportunity to express its sincere and continued support for the people of Palestine in their struggle for freedom and self-determination.
From the centre to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Déardaoin, Nollaig 01, 2011

éirígí Pre-Budget Protests Announced
Budget 2012For the first time in history the Twenty-Six County Government will announce its annual budget on two consecutive days. The details of the latest ‘slash and tax’ budget will, therefore, be revealed on Monday December 5th and Tuesday December 6th. Despite the change of format the budget is certain to continue in the same vein at the last number of normal and ‘emergency’ budgets, delivering crushing blows to workers, their families and their communities.
éirígí has organised a number of public protests in advance of the budget. Announcing details for three such protests Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan said, “Since the last budget the government may have changed but the policies have remained the same. The Fine Gael/ Labour coalition, despite election promises to the contrary, are committed to a programme of austerity, designed to make the working class pay for a crisis they did not create.
“Funding for communities, healthcare, education, social welfare and other important public services are all in the firing line in what promises to be a savage attack on our standards of living and our quality of life.
“The fight back against the austerity measures and the agenda of the Dublin government and their masters in the EU and IMF must be built street by street, community by community right across this state. People need to mobilise in huge numbers to show that they cannot and will not take Budget 2012 lying down.”
Below are the details of three upcoming éirígí anti-austerity protests. All welcome. Bígí linn.
  • Constituency office of Catherine Byrne, Fine Gael TD, Inchicore Village, Dublin, 4.30pm Friday December 2nd.
  • Constituency office of Billy Timmins, Fine Gael TD, Main Street, Arklow, 5pm, Friday December 2nd.
  • Northside Shopping Centre, Coolock, Dublin, 11am, Saturday, December 3rd.