Dé Céadaoin, Eanáir 13, 2010

Good Riddance to Raytheon

éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac An Mháístír has welcomed the closure of the Raytheon company’s plant in Derry City.

Raytheon, a US-owned military manufacturer, is the maker of the bunker-buster bomb and Tomahawk and Cruise missiles, which have been used with devastating consequences by the US and other armies. The company’s Derry plant was, according to Raytheon, involved in the software end of military manufacture.

Mac An Mháistír said: “The closure of Raytheon’s Derry plant can only be welcomed by anyone who has concern for Ireland’s complicity in the murder of thousands of human beings by militaries around the world.

“As a builder of bunker buster bombs and an array of missiles, among other weapons, Raytheon is a purveyor of death on a mass scale through its peddling of military material to some of the most immoral governments in the world.

“Raytheon supplied much of the murderous weaponry that was used by the US military against the Iraqi people from the 2003 invasion onwards; indeed, it was a Raytheon manufactured missile that smashed into a Baghdad market in April 2003, killing 62 civilians. Likewise, the US/NATO war machine in Afghanistan has been amply supplied by Raytheon, with horrific consequences for the civilian population.

“Raytheon is also a major dealer to the Israeli Occupation Forces. In the recent bombardments of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, it was Raytheon missiles that did so much damage when fired from Israeli jets. It was Raytheon missiles that smashed into refugee camps, ambulances, hospitals, schools, houses, food stores and, ultimately, innocent men, women and children.”

Mac An Mháistír continued: “The people of Derry are to be commended for their steadfast opposition to Raytheon’s presence in their city – many were arrested and dragged before the courts for their refusal to ignore mass murderers in their midst. This moral courage was in stark contrast to the complicity of local politicians, who either openly supported or privately connived at Raytheon’s operations.

“While the closure of the Derry Raytheon plant will probably not affect the overall operations of the company, it is a small victory and offers Ireland the opportunity to remove all war mongers from the country and present a truly humane image on the international stage.”

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