Dé Céadaoin, Deireadh Fómhair 06, 2010

Take Your Anger to the Doors of the Wealthy


Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson has encouraged people to take their anger and frustration to the doorsteps of those who comprise the Golden Circle by taking part in the Political Walking Tour through Dublin this Saturday [October 9].
1% Stall, Ballyfermot
The tour has been organised by the 1% Network, a new initiative launched by a number of socialist organisations, including éirígí, to highlight the fact that the super-rich have escaped virtually unscathed from the current economic crisis. It will assemble at the Wolfe Tone monument at the Merrion Row corner of Stephen’s Green at 1pm. The route of the tour is about 3km long and will last about two hours.

Leeson added: “This tour through the heartland of the Golden Circle will stop at private mansions, the homes of billionaire tax dodgers, at corporate headquarters, at failed banks and at the offices of various lobby groups that protect the interests of this super-rich one per cent.”

1% Stall at GPO, Dublin
“Last Thursday [September 30], the Twenty-Six County government pumped a further €10–15 billion [£8.8-12 billion] into the banks, bringing the total cost to date of the bailout to €50 billion [£44 billion]. To pay off these gambling debts of private bankers, this administration has decimated our public health and education systems and slashed the incomes of working class people, leading to increased hardship and poverty. Now, they plan to impose yet further cuts of €4-5 billion [£3.5-4.4 billion] in next month’s budget.”

Leeson concluded: “We are urging people to take to the streets on Saturday to resist these cutbacks, to demand an end to the bailout of private banks and to ensure that the wealthy political and business elite are made to pay their fair share. The capitalist economy has failed spectacularly and we must now begin dismantling it and creating a new society based on the redistribution of wealth and public ownership, which puts need before greed.”

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