Dé hAoine, Márta 11, 2011

éirígí Call for Resistance to new Coalition's Water Charges Plan


éirígí have called for massive opposition to the new Fine Gael/Labour Party coalition's plan to introduce water charges during their term in office. The comments come in the wake of news that part of the so-called Programme for Government (PFG) is to install water meters in every home in the twenty six counties and to establish a new water utility company to charge for the use of water. 

Spokesperson for éirígí in Donegal, Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig said that such a plan was totally unacceptable and should be vigorously opposed. “The plan by both Fine Gael and Labour to introduce these meters and the subsequent charges which will arise from them is an absolute disgrace” he said. 

“Water is a basic necessity for life and every single individual has the right to access it without charge. But here we have two parties willing to impose charges on people for access to water. This is a sickening move on Labour's and Fine Gael's behalf. The ordinary working people of this state will be dragged into another process of creating a fund for bailing out the banks and wealthy elite who destroyed this country's economy by gambling on the property market while the vast majority of the country's population struggled to make ends meet.” 

Mr Mac Giolla Easbuig concluded “This plan to introduce water charges is totally unacceptable and must and will be vigorously resisted. Every household, housing estate, village and town, not only here in Donegal but right across the country, must organise themselves now and prepare a challenge to this plan and let this incoming government know that this move will not be accepted. We the working people did not gamble, did not play and we will not pay.”

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