Dé Céadaoin, Lúnasa 24, 2011

Cherry Orchard Community Clean-up
On Saturday [August 20] more than 30 people took part in a community clean-up in Cherry Orchard, which was organised by the local éirígí Ciorcal. In what was a great demonstration of community spirit more than 50 bags of litter, broken glass and other material were filled by local residents and éirígí activists.
Cherry Orchard community clean-up
In recent weeks a number of residents from Cherry Orchard had been in touch with éirígí to raise concerns about the lack of street cleaning and general maintenance work being carried out by Dublin City Council in the area. Following discussions with residents, éirígí agreed to organise a community response to the issue and the ‘Cherry Orchard Community Clean-up’ was launched. Following the success of the first clean-up it has been agreed this event will be organised on a monthly basis.
Cherry Orchard community clean-up
Speaking from Cherry Orchard local éirígí Councillor Louise Minihan said:
“Following requests from local residents I contacted Dublin City Council to raise concerns about the lack of maintenance work being carried out in the area. Due to cutbacks the council are now cleaning only the main roads. This represents a further abandonment of working class estates and communities by the state.
Cherry Orchard community clean-up
“In response éirígí organised a community clean-up which local residents made into a great success. In fact the clean-up has been such success that we are making it a monthly event. We aim to build on what has been started here today and spread the clean-up to other areas of Cherry Orchard. Everyone is welcome and I invite all residents to come along to next month’s clean up and take part in what is a great way of showing and indeed building community spirit.”
Minihan continued: “Today’s successful clean-up shows it is possible for communities to stand up for themselves and fight back once they organise together. For our part éirígí is committed to working with communities to organise and to make this fightback a reality.”

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