Dé hAoine, Iúil 15, 2011

Wicklow Says No to Water Tax


On Wednesday [July 6] éirígí activists from Wicklow staged a “No to Water Tax”demonstration at the Father Murphy 1798 remembrance statue at the Parade Ground, Arklow.

No Water TaxThe protest coincided with the visit to Ireland of the ‘Terrible Troika’, which is made up of officials from the EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank [ECB]. The troika arrived in their capacity as dodgy money lenders and to spearhead more cuts to public services. They are also here to push ahead with more austerity measures such as domestic water charges, taxes on homes and to implement around €4 billion [£3.6 billion] in severe cuts in the next Twenty-Six County budget in December.
Speaking after the demonstration, éirígí Cill Mhantáin activist Adrian O'Reilly said, “éirígí will be upping the pressure on the FG/Labour 26-County government on a ‘No to water and home taxes’ platform as the communities across Wicklow are being asked to continue to pay for the greed of bankers, developers and foolish politicians.”
Adrian continued by stating, “The protesters received enthusiastic support at Wednesday evening’s protest. Many people complained about the promises that were made and then rolled back on, and the policy U-turns that this government has made. A lot of working people highlighted the fact that the USC [universal social charge] is crippling their households, while others called for a decent chance of employment and to get off the depressing 400,000 lined dole queues.
“éirígí will continue to organise with the local communities in County Wicklow and further afield to fight against the Troika of the IMF, EU and the ECB, and the Thatcherite poll taxes they and their lap-dogs in FG/Labour will try to implement.
“What we need to see is all strands of our community step together in a ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’ campaign. These stealth taxes affect all walks of life and what is clear is that the working and unemployed people in Wicklow are being placed on the rack yet again while the rich 1-per-cent elite get away scot free.”
Adrian concluded, “It must be continually stated that 1 per cent of the population of the Twenty-Six Counties control up to 40 per cent of the wealth. These leeches swan about in top of the range cars and new helicopters while the majority of the Irish people are forced to bail out the rich elite’s business partners and friends. The time to get organised and to act is now.”

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