Déardaoin, Eanáir 20, 2011

 Support the Palestinian Hunger-Strikers
Ahmad Sa'adatConcern is growing for the welfare of two Palestinian political prisoners who have entered their third week on hunger strike.
Ahmad Sa’adat, the general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Jamal Abu Al-Haija, a leader of Hamas, began their hunger strike in protest at the mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners by Israeli authorities.
Both men have been held in isolation for almost two years and, during this time, have been deprived of the most basic human rights, including the denial of family visits.
Little information is available on the men's current condition and the corporate media has failed to give this story the coverage it deserves.
Jamal Abu Al-HaijaThe PFLP have announced they are holding the Israeli government directly responsible for the lives of Sadaat and Al-Haija. In a statement released on Sunday [January 9], the organisation called for human rights groups, including the International Red Cross, to put pressure on the zionist regime to end all practices which are contrary to international law, and to uphold the human rights of prisoners, including allowing necessary medical treatment.
éirígí extends its support and solidarity to Ahmad Sa’adat and Jamal Abu Al-Haija in their courageous protest against the zionist regime.
Republicans, socialists and all those opposed to Israel's abuse of human rights are encouraged to continue to show their support for the Palestinian prisoners and to send a message to the zionist regime that its war crimes continue to be opposed.

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