Dé Luain, Meitheamh 14, 2010

Fianna Fáil TD Sides with Israel


Dr James McDaid TD has once again shamed himself by launching a disgraceful verbal attack against the peace activist Fiachra O'Luain during a radio show in Donegal during the week (Tuesday 8th June). While Mr McDaid said he didn't condone Israel's most recent actions, he clearly had no truck with Israel's general violent and disproportionate attitude shown towards the Palestinian people and anyone who attempts to show Palestine any type of humanity or provide it with humanitarian aid.

His comments saying that Israel are justified in administering collective punishment against the people of Gaza solely for exercising their democratic will in electing a government which Israel and Mr McDaid don't like, were astounding given the fact that Mr McDaid is, himself, an elected representative and would lead one to believe that he has scant regard for the democratic system. Saying also that Israel's disgraceful act of piracy on the high seas (international waters) when they boarded humanitarian aid ships by force, murdered aid workers, kidnapped and brutalised others and stole their property and cargo was “understandable”, almost beggars belief.

'Almost', because Mr McDaid and his ilk in Leinster House are clearly no strangers to piracy given their theft of benefits, money and wages of the most vulnerable in Irish society to back up the already wealthy and well catered for, and if he has such disdain for the weakest and most vulnerable in his own country, then his lack of humanitarianism towards the people of Palestine will come as no surprise to most.

The ignorance of him to question Mr O'Luain's peaceful humanitarian actions for Palestine during the show was almost childlike and embarrassing. Someone should ask Dr McDaid if he would so question Bob Geldolf on why he concentrated his efforts in Ethiopia and no-where else, or George Clooney on why he concentrated his efforts in Darfur and no-where else? Its not likely that he would. His questioning only went to show his bias in favour of Israel's brutality and his ignorance of the issue.

He's also clearly ignorant of the ground-swell of support there has been in this country and internationally for the people of Palestine and their plight, and the disdain there is of Israel's brutal oppression. His attitude is almost akin to that of a drunken pirate sailing in the wrong direction of an on-coming hurricane of support for Palestine which will hopefully see him brought to book for his (possibly deliberate) ignorance of the countless wrongs of the Israeli State.

Fiachra O'Luain and every other individual who show humanitarianism to Palestine and work for justice for its people without being influenced by warped political thinking should not only be commended, but should also be supported by ALL the members of Leinster House and not attacked on air by its out of touch elected public representatives using their position to voice their own personal views.

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