Dé Luain, Meitheamh 07, 2010

Oppose British Armed Forces Day


British soldier

éirígí’s rúnaí ginearálta Breandán Mac Cionnaith has announced that the party intends to actively oppose the marking of the British government’s Armed Forces Day in the Six Counties.

Scheduled for June 26, the triumphalist occasion will include the raising of a British Armed Forces flag at Belfast City Hall. éirígí will be holding a demonstration at Belfast City Hall on the same date.

Mac Cionnaith said: “It is completely unacceptable that the British government and its supporters in Ireland intend to mark Armed Forces Day in the Six Counties. People in the Six Counties and across Ireland have suffered grievously due to the involvement of the British army and other British state agencies in this country.

“At a time when we are awaiting the publication of the Saville Report into the Bloody Sunday massacre, it is even more obscene that the British army’s cheerleaders intend to celebrate its history of mass murder.”

Mac Cionnaith continued: “As was the case last year, éirígí will be actively opposing the celebration of British Armed Forces Day in occupied Ireland.

“The British government’s war machine remains active in Ireland and lethal in Afghanistan – it is the responsibility of all republicans and socialists to battle against it at every turn.

“We call on all those who oppose the British occupation and imperialism in general to join éirígí in protest at Belfast City Hall on June 26.”

éirígí’s demonstration against British Armed Forces Day will commence at 12pm at Belfast City Hall on Saturday, June 26.

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