Dé Domhnaigh, Aibreán 18, 2010

Dublin Reacts Against Racism

On Saturday April 10, more than 1,000 people took to the streets of Dublin to unequivocally oppose racism and recent racist incidents.

The march, which included a contingent of around 15 éirígí activists, as well as community groups, African cultural organisations, trade unions and other left-leaning political parties, was organised by the friends and family of Toyosi Shitta-bey, the 15-year-old boy who was murdered in a racist attack on April 2 in Tyrrelstown, Dublin.

Commencing at the Garden of Remembrance, the march was addressed by, among others, a cousin of Toyosi Shitta-bey on behalf of the family, Rosanna Flynn from Residents Against Racism and by a representative of the Chinese community in Ireland.

Following the speeches, the march made its way down O’Connell Street towards Leinster House.

After the rally, éirígí spokesperson Brian Leeson said: “Hundreds of people have spoken with their feet today and the message is loud and clear – there is no place in Irish society for racism or racists.

“This march was a great show of strength against the bigots and fascists who try to blame society’s ills and issues such as an economic depression on those who look differently to them, or come from a different culture, instead of blaming the real culprits – the bankers, developers and golden circle politicians.

“As well as racist attacks, it is equally important to oppose the racism that emanates from the state that has led to children being deported and others locked up or living in poverty.”

Brian continued: “The only society worth building is one that will treat all citizens equally, regardless of their skin colour, background or religion. In the meantime, éirígí will continue to oppose racism and sectarianism wherever and whenever they raise their ugly head.”

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