Dé Luain, Meán Fómhair 27, 2010

Don't Question the Politicians


Tánaiste Mary Coughlan has received harsh criticism form éirígí Tir Chonaill spokesperson Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig following comments she made recently to a Donegal newspaper in the wake of the "Garglegate" affair and Taoiseach Brian Cowen's now infamous morning interview.
Tánaiste Mary Coughlan
Defending Brian Cowen and his late night shenanigans Coughlan had said that if politicians were not allowed to live with the freedom that everyone else had then it was a "very sad day". She went on to say that it was taking politics too far when politicians were asked questions of their movements and also said "When we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot socialise then it's a particularly difficult day. Is that to say each football club now is not allowed to have a dinner-dance, socialise? Is that where we're going?"

Speaking of her comments Mac Giolla Easbuig said "Tánaiste Mary Coughlan's latest rant in which she insinuates that it is somehow unacceptable for the general public to ask wholly appropriate questions of politicians and that it is “taking politics too far”, just goes to show the contempt that she and her ilk in Lenister House have for the electorate of this country."

"She and her cohorts tend to forget that it is those very people asking the questions who pay their wages. For her or anyone in her position to think that they are exempt from scrutiny because they sit in government, and her likening of that government which has been given by the people the position of holding their very lives in its hands to nothing more than a football club, exposes for all to see just how deluded the current ruling class are" he said.

"Her comment that she and her accomplices who have been responsible for the decimation of the Twenty-Six Counties are entitled to “the freedom that every person else has” as she puts it is the ultimate slap in the face of each and every individual that has had to suffer thanks to the ineptitude of the likes of Tánaiste Mary Coughlan."

He went on to say "Not only should she and those employed by the general public be asked questions about what they do when in a position of being a paid public representative, but the question should also be asked just exactly what freedoms does she seem to think the people of this country have? Where is the freedom of the almost 500,000 people who have been left unemployed thanks to the gross and consistent mishandling of the economy? Where is the freedom of those who have been consigned to the dole queues and cannot afford to pay their mortgages? Where is the freedom of those people who cannot avail of health or dental care etc.? Where is the freedom for those whose home help has been dramatically reduced or refused? Where is the freedom Ms Coughlan for the countless families in Ireland who cannot afford to heat their homes (and for the individuals who have died as a result), clothe their children or put food on the table thanks to the greed of the capitalist class which you have shored up?"

"Clearly Mary Coughlan's idea of freedom is completely different from ours and if her idea of a “sad day” is when people ask an uncomfortable question of her, then it is abundantly clear that she is completely out of touch with reality."

The éirígí Tir Chonaill spokesperson concluded by saying "It is also quite clear that the likes of Mary Coughlan do not want questions asked of them. For too long now the people have not asked the politicians the questions that need to be asked. But those questions have been building thick and fast Tánaiste so you should prepare for many sad days to come."

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