Dé Céadaoin, Meán Fómhair 01, 2010

PSNI Donegal Incursion Condemned


Local spokesperson for éirígí, Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig has strongly condemned the PSNI for crossing into Donegal from the border town of Belleek in County Fermanagh. The incident which took place on August 12th is one of a series which have taken place along the border in recent times, most notably when they entered a shop south of the border and ignored locals who pointed out to them that they were out of their jurisdiction.

The PSNI has attempted to explain the latest incident by saying that the incursion was a “simple mistake” and that “the officers were from the Omagh area and not familiar with the local landmarks”.

Speaking in relation to the PSNI incursions into Donegal, Mr Mac Giolla Easbuig said, “It is an absolute disgrace that these incursions into the Twenty-Six Counties by British armed forces continue. Of course its nothing new that such incidents happen given the litany of stories that have emerged over the years describing the actions of British armed forces along the border, but that fact doesn't make it any more acceptable. Neither are their excuses acceptable.”

bridge crossing from Belleek into County Donegal
“In years gone by we've seen many such incursions where the British army have crossed the border not only on foot, but in armoured vehicles and by helicopter, on at least one occasion landing their helicopter south of the border. Both regular and SAS British soldiers have been apprehended by the Gardi in the Twenty-Six Counties on a number of occasions. Whether they were here for intimidation purposes, intelligence gathering or just by “simple mistake”, the fact that the Dublin Government had them released and sent back across the border without charge almost beggars belief. But then again, when we hear the likes of Fianna Fáil Senator Cecilia Keaveney inviting the British army to operate in the Twenty-Six Counties we should hardly be surprised at the apathetic attitude of Lenister House towards this issue.”

Mr Mac Giolla Easbuig concluded by saying, “This is at least the third time this year such an incident has taken place and it should not be allowed to continue. The parties in Stormont would like us to believe that the PSNI have changed their ways from days gone by but they have anything but done that. They have no respect for the nationalist communities in the occupied six counties, as was most evident given their treatment of the residents of Ardoyne on July 12th, nor do they have any respect for the people of the Twenty-Six Counties when they think its acceptable to cross into Donegal and set up vehicle checkpoints, as happened earlier this year. The PSNI remain what they always have been, an unaccountable British paramilitary police force who seem to be able to act with total impunity.”

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